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Cze艣膰! I’m Leah and I’m from Orlando, Florida, where the sun shines all year. Since 2010, I’ve lived in Gliwice, Poland, where the sun shines about half the year. But I’m not complaining 馃檪 I’ve spent those past few years pondering the differences between my home culture and my new one. Now they’re all mixed up – so this blog is kind of like that. A little American, a little Polish. P贸艂 na p贸艂.

I write this blog so that people can explore and experience the country and culture along with me. I know that Poland is a beautiful and intriguing place to live; full of incredible places to visit and people to meet. I’d like everyone to know that. And I’d like Poles to believe it’s true as well!

Other than that, I spend most of my time teaching English which is, by far, the best job on Earth! When I’m not teaching, I love trying new restaurants and cafes, learning Polish, hiking, and traveling around Europe with my own darling Pole and our kids, Maksymilian and Maja. What else do I do with my life? Read on!

If you would like聽to contact me, just use the contact form or this e-mail address: leah@talkback.pl


  • Reply Patryk 21 March 2017 at 11:30

    I say rather p贸艂 na p贸艂 (fifhty-fifthy)

  • Reply Jarle 25 February 2018 at 06:03

    “wanderer, there is no road,
    the road is made by walking…” He says, the great poet Antonio Machado, from Seville, Spain.
    And right! Just now I walked straight into your blog, and immediately I found it very rich (and for me mentaly healthy as oxygen can be for a lonely brain) not only because of the fact that you write with a nice and vivid nerve, but obviously you are a heavyweight champion of Polonization too –
    I am on the other hand soon going to be the heavyweight CHAMPIGNON of pollinisation. Yes, I am becoming a mushroom, or a vegetable unless I find help immedeately – was my last thought –
    so, I just wrote something in the search engine with an auto action, or more like a last nerve spasm;
    “How the fuck am I going to memorize Polish ?”
    And luckily – despite the language used – Your beautiful blog somehow showed up with an answer – POLONIZATION – So thanks a lot for creating this first aid kit with a lot of advices for further surviving…
    Well, it isnt that dramatic though, my circumstances, but on the other hand, it is.
    I麓ve found a real soulmate in Poland – while visiting Gdansk – and I find such a treasure, as a real soulmate, very important in life. And, I麓m slightly polonized. So I want to surprise her showing her my deepest interest, and that I found not to be a cake, but knowledge of her language. So now I麓m seeking sources before I loose my courage and faith, because it麓s not a joke that this language is an extreme sport in european filology.
    No wonder why they make T-shirts with the message; “I speak polish, what麓s your superpower ?” haha…
    Well I hope I can follow your blog for further inspiration. Thanks !

    Kindly regards
    Jarle (Norway)

    • Reply Leah Morawiec 8 March 2018 at 15:19

      Hi Jarle!! Omg that’s so sweet of you to show your love that you care by speaking Polish. I think that’s very romantic. And a huge struggle! Seriously trying to learn Polish is actually something most foreigners avoid at all costs, so you trying to learn something shows how important he/she is to you. I’ve heard of many foreigners living in Poland for 20+ years who don’t even attempt to learn anything! It’s a shame, really. Glad you found by blog by typing that beautiful phrase 馃檪

  • Reply Krzysztof Pydo 28 January 2020 at 21:54

    Hey Leah!

    It’s been a while! I didn’t hear for a long time from you but I read that you’re doing just fine in Gliwice! Two kids sounds awesome but also very challenging. I know what I’m talking about since we’re also expecting a second child soon :F

    We’re living now in Berlin so if you were about to show the city to the kids, you’re more than welcome!
    Nice Blog, nice graphics. Cheers!

    • Reply Leah Morawiec 5 February 2020 at 10:14

      Krzysiek!! It’s so lovely to hear from you. Congratulations! How old are your kids? Mine are 2.5 years and 3 months 馃檪 Ohh Berlin! How amazing. I would love to come visit you there. Is it kid-friendly you think?

      • Reply Krzysztof Pydo 23 January 2021 at 03:09

        Wow! I totally missed the comment I made one year ago (actually just before corona-crisis)! Well, my kids now are 2.5 and almost 1. The invitation is still open, I hope we can meet after the virus is gone. I”ll try to visit your blog more often 馃檪

  • Reply Stuart Hall 27 August 2022 at 18:37

    Listened to your chat with expat podcast and thought about your contact with expats, have you tried Internations, check it out, take care Stuart

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